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Adult Fitness Examination: A Physical Therapy Approach
by Dan Millrood, PT, EdM, Charlotte Chua, PT, DPT

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Adult Fitness Examination: A Physical Therapy Approach Kit
Publisher:American Physical Therapy Association
Cover:Covered spiral-bound
Pages:60 pages
Date published:2012
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Get APTA's ready-to-use, affordable fitness assessment tool for PTs and start to build lifelong health and wellness plans with your adult clients.

APTA's groundbreaking assessment tool is packed with the ready-to-use instructions and resources PTs need to identify, quantify, and qualify key components of physical health and wellness. For educators, it's a textbook that addresses educational objectives related to prevention, health promotion, fitness, and wellness.
Adult Fitness Examination includes:
* Preparticipation health screening overview
* 16 ready-to-use examinations, complete with:
-- Step-by-step instructions, and full color photos
-- Normative data, charts, flowcharts, illustrations
-- Notes and warnings (when to terminate testing)
* Equipment supply checklist
* Clinician workbook to promote easy, accurate record-keeping
* Client take-home form to help your clients:
-- Follow your treatment plan and track results
-- Stay motivated to achieve health and fitness goals

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Patient Care, Prevention and Wellness, Education, Students

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