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Business Skllls in Physical Therapy: Strategic Marketing, 2nd Edition
by Peter R. Kovacek, PT, DPT, MSA

Publisher:American Physical Therapy Association
Cover:Covered spiral binding
Pages:144 pages
Date published:2013
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Want to attract today's health care customers? Use today's marketing strategies.
Simply stated, marketing is the process of learning what customers want and need, and then providing it to them in the most satisfactory manner. But "simply stated" doesn't mean simply done!
APTA's popular Business Skills in Physical Therapy: Strategic Marketing home-study course is now in its second edition, offering you the latest strategies-along with the tried-and-true guidance from the first edition-that will help every practice, large or small, capture the opportunities to build and maintain a strong customer base in today's vibrant, yet challenging, health care marketplace.
See what's new from author Peter R. Kovacek, PT, DPT, MSA, founder of
" The Physical Therapist Marketing Readiness Assessment Tool for you, your team, and your entire organization
" Discussions on branding your practice and the physical therapy profession
" Updates on regulation and legislation that affect payment for services
" Guidance for using "new marketing" tools such as the Internet and social networking
" Expanded analysis of evaluating success
" Contemporary covered-coil binding that lays flat for easier reading

Strategic Marketing includes case studies, a marketing readiness assessment tool, and an outline for developing a full marketing plan. Pass the included final exam and receive .6 CEU (6 contact hours).

Practice Management, Continuing Education

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