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Description of Specialty Practice: Geriatrics (Includes FREE Self-Assessment Tool)
by ABPTS and the Specialty Council on Geriatric Physical Therapy

Cover:Softcover book
Pages:24 pages
Date published:2009
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Specialist Applicants! No need to order here--as part of your application fee for board certification, you will receive the DSP and Assessment Tool upon receipt of your application fee.

The Description of Specialty Practice: Geriatric serves as the basis for the specialist certification exam and is a valuable aid in determining your readiness for specialist certification in geriatric physical therapy.

Receive the corresponding Self-Assessment Tool free when you order the DSP!

The Assessment Tool helps you identify discrepancies between your current and desired levels of practice. Once you've assessed your practice level, you can map out your plan for continuing education and professional development. The booklet includes suggestions for follow-up and development of an action plan.

Geriatrics, Patient Care

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