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Introduction to Pediatric Hospital-Based Care

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Children's hospitals and other acute care settings offer pediatric physical therapists unique opportunities for evaluating and intervening with children. Larger health systems offer a continuum of care: acute care, rehabilitative, outpatient services, clinics and some contract for school-based and early intervention services. Some facilities offer specialty pediatric care with over 300 beds and serve thousands of children annually while others are smaller departments within community hospitals. Participants in this CES will gain awareness of the history of pediatric acute care practice and describe and discuss best practice for diagnoses and impairments typically seen in acute care settings. Continuum of care upon discharge to home, outpatient services and community based programs will be presented. Current evidence and suggested topics for future research will be addressed. Opportunities to network with other therapists working in similar environments will be encouraged. Students and recent graduates will be able to explore pediatric physical therapy in acute care environments as a career choice.

Pediatrics, Oncology

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