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Early Intervention Post-Hospital Discharge for Infants Born Preterm


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This module will provide the participant with relevant findings within a contemporary systematic review, which addresses cognitive and motor outcomes for premature infants who receive early intervention services following discharge from the hospital. The review examines cognitive and motor outcomes in infancy, during the preschool ages (3-5 years) and at school age (5 to 18 years and older), with further analysis looking at the results for children whose intervention model was based on infant development only, parent-infant relationship only, or combined both, infant development and the parent-infant relationship. In addition, contemporary practice parameters and strategies for implementation of a parent-infant focused early intervention program are assessed through practical application in a case study. This case provides guidelines for developing and implementing an early intervention program that not only incorporates, but emphasizes the importance of the parent-infant relationship in the development of cognitive and motor skills in children born preterm.