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Clinical Decision Making: the Medically Complex Geriatric Patient with A Cardiopulmonary Diagnosis


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Course Description

This course includes theory and evidence for and clinical translation of common laboratory data utilized in the examination, evaluation, and intervention. The student will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of how the various content components of the common laboratory tests inter-relate with the goal of adding to the clinical making skill set of the practicing therapist. This will be accomplished by the provision of a case study of a medically complex patient with a cardiopulmonary diagnosis. Each data point provided is followed by a clinical making decision. The student will be expected to have a entry-level understanding of the basic laboratory testing and with interpretation of vital signs measurements.

Meet your instructor:

Stephen J. Carp, PT, PhD has been an assistant professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program of DeSales University since 2016. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy, a masters in physical therapy, and a PhD in motor control, all from Temple University. Prior to his faculty positon at DeSales he was a member of the faculty of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Temple.

Carp has over 30 years of clinical experience in many arenas of physical therapy, including acute care, outpatient, wound care, skilled nursing, and acute medical rehabilitation. He is an ABPTS board-certified clinical specialist in geriatric physical therapy. In addition to his clinical work, he has held numerous administrative and consultative positions in hospitals, including vice president of quality, vice president of performance improvement, and interim CEO.

Carp's primary teaching responsibilities include geriatrics, business and management, professional development, and global health.

Carp pursues 3 research lines: nonacademic intelligence metrics related to graduate admissions, the effectiveness of nongovernment support for the poor, and muscle performance and inflammatory biomarkers related to ICU-acquired weakness. He has been extensively published in research journals and as a book chapter contributor and textbook writer. His most recently published textbook, Peripheral Neuropathy, was published in 2015, and Foundations in Physical Therapy will be published in 2018. He has been invited to present at numerous local and state conferences.