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CCIP Booster Module 1: Using Objectives to Focus Student Learning


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This series of courses is created for only those individuals who have completed the Level 1 CI Credentialing Program (CCIP). It is NOT intended to replace Level 1 training. Further, this series of courses will address many areas covered in the Level 1 certification program and various topics will be introduced over the next 18-24 months. Please stay tuned.

Notice: if you enjoyed this booster module, click here for Module 2

Course Overview

This is Module 1 - a 2-hour interactive course consisting of two parts. It is designed to provide booster training to anyone who has previously completed the CCIP Level 1 course.

This course is intended for clinical instructors who have completed the Level One CI Credentialing course and want to review or boost their knowledge and skills. This course will not introduce new material nor will it be an exact repeat of the material from the original CI Credentialing course. This course will take what you learned in the CI course and help you apply it to further solidify your knowledge and skills. We hope you find it helpful.

To get started, click on "Details" in Part 1 to download the appropriate resources. Then click "start or resume" to return to the narrated course content.

Please complete the course sequentially - Part 1 is required in order to move to Part 2.

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