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Stretch! Maximize Your Professional and Personal Life
by Brad Cooper, PT, MSPT, MBA, MTC, ATC


Publisher:American Physical Therapy Association
Pages:144 pages
Date published:2009
ISBN:978-1-931369-29-9, perfect-bound, 160 pgs, 2006
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  • “Continue” won’t work for you here—even if that’s the standard word you use as you move through your daily patient notes!
  • So, when was the last time you took a risk big enough to send the butterflies fluttering in your stomach?
  • There’s only a one-letter difference between saying you’ve “got” to do something and you “get” to do something.

    You’ll find motivation and inspiration in this compilation of 33 articles by Brad Cooper, PT, MSPT, MBA, MTC, ATC. Originally published as “Career Coach” in PT—Magazine of Physical Therapy, each column offers practical and timeless advice in all aspects of professional growth, practice management, and personal achievement. With a breezy, friendly style, Cooper will have you smiling and nodding your head as you read about such tactics as:
    • Subduing the “Q”
    • Taking a “walking meeting”
    • “Jump 3”
    • “Sync selling”
    What are you waiting for? Restore your passion for the physical therapy profession and your life!

    Visit Brad Cooper's Catalyst Coaching Institute and US Corporate Wellness website!

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